On Tour

From time-to-time the Proprietor finds he must overcome the natural shyness of the hermetic scribbler and venture beyond the fire-escape of his Highland garret in order to attend functions designed primarily for the purpose of selling books. Or, nearly though not quite so distastefully dreadful, he must engage in the occasional bout of ‘guest blogging’ or ‘author interviews’ toward the same shamelessly commercial end. One would think going to the expense of a website and a thrice yearly advert in Razzle would be enough; but clearly not. So if the Proprietor should happen to find himself on tour – whether physically or virtually – the dates and details will be secreted here.


Author Interview – The Frumious Consortium (29 Jan 2016 onwards)

The Proprietor talks to the delightful ‘D’ about writing books and related nightmares in An Interview with James Roberts.


Judging More Than Just The Cover: (26 November 2015 onwards)

Laugh slightly as the Proprietor offers ‘Some Well Meant Advice On How To Avoid Author Interviews‘.


The Guiltless Reader: (2nd December 2015 and onwards)

The Proprietor will be discussing ‘How To Create A Comic Victorian Lexicon‘ and will be focusing upon the letter ‘B’ by way of example. A joy for b*!*!*!ds everywhere.


Peggy Ann’s Post (6th December 2015 and onwards)

The Proprietor gets all gastronomical in ‘Pardon Me: Hardly an Epicure’s Delight


Bristol Book Blog (7th December 2015 and beyond)

The Proprietor ponders ‘To PC or Not to PC, that is the Question‘, in the company of Peter Sutton, leading light of the Bristol literati scene and all round top fellow.