Pardon Me – A Victorian Farce


The year is 1896 and following a brief, if lively, spell in the diplomatic corps, Madagan Rùn is being executed for Treason. Posted to the lawless goldfields of the Transvaal to act as ‘honorary attaché’ to the British Empire’s most energetic pederast, young Madagan, in the avoidance of his duty, has managed to instigate the greatest challenge to Pax Britannica since the Indian Mutiny of ’57.

Now here’s the pity of the tale. To exculpate himself from the hangman’s noose Madagan must, perforce, lay bare the grievously stained undercarriage of Victorian high-society (so to speak); starting with fantastical revelations vis-à-vis the making, lending and subsequent mislaying of the world’s first ever celebrity sex celluloid. And speaking as a loyal subject of Queen, Country and Empire…well quite frankly, he would rather ‘keep mum’.

No less an august triumvirate than Cecil ‘Colossus’ Rhodes, Joseph ‘Radical’ Chamberlain and Prince Victor ‘call me Vicky’ Albert have reason aplenty to pray Madagan takes his secrets with him to the gallows. Sadly for them the cleverest man ever to wear mink trousers, the florid and faintly familiar Mr Melmoth, has just posted a Remington Typewriter® to the Tower and instructed his chum Maddy to tell the old Queen everything, with the urgent codicil to Pardon Me.

Pardon Me is a rip-roaring colonial adventure of the kind Rider Haggard may have written had he been off his bonce on Lloyd’s Cocaine Toothache Tablets® and not at all interested in a knighthood. The book will appeal to lovers of comic farce and anyone who likes their bedtime reading to transport them to a world where gravity is not so damnably unforgiving and a gentleman can get his glans penis scarified and still go on to enjoy a (brief) career in the Diplomatic Corp.


A smattering of intellectuals, retired colonels and radical feminists have been good enough to offer their opinions on Pardon Me: A Victorian Farce. Sadly all have refused monetary offers or the promise of sexual favours.

“[T]his book will appeal to the kind of reader who enjoys a smart, funny but ultimately and surprisingly sweet tale of a young man trying to find his way at the turn of the 20th century…Pardon Me is an occasionally grotesque but ultimately fulfilling Anglo-centric comedy of sex, drugs and politics.”

Doreen Sheridan, The Frumious Consortium.

“James Roberts spins a tale of wild adventure across the British Empire…populat[ing] Run’s tale with hilariously one-dimensional characters, each more crazy and entertaining than the last…”

Shelby Jo, T’s Blogging.

You can download a sample chapter of Pardon Me in glorious .pdf format here.



Pardon Me: A Victorian Farce is being offered as a free download due to the Proprietor’s socialist leanings and an ongoing disagreement with Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. There are no catches, no strings attached, no hidden motives. Just joyous comedy for no money whatsoever. So if you conclude it’s a pile of pigsh*t what have you lost?

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